Public health clinics must adopt a solution that not only generates income, but allows clinic staff to focus on providing community health services, maximizing their time and training on what they do best.
Remove Billing Frustration with Simplified Claims Processing
Written by Nar Ramkissoon, MPH, Healthcare Industry Analyst
The Inherently Complex Billing Process
Local health departments are operating with funding constraints that are making it impossible to provide adequate services to their communities. Last year, 55 % of all local health departments were forced to cut at least one program, affecting 68% of the U.S. population living in those jurisdictions. Moreover, 27% of departments were forced to make cuts in three or more programs, further removing clinic services from nearly half of the communities they serve.
Doctors and nurses are most valuable to clinics when they provide services as trained healthcare professionals. It is not uncommon for current staff to suddenly take on the added responsibility of handling all of a clinic’s billing. With losses of more than 34,400 employees since 2008, with 5,400 in the first half of 2011 alone, staff time has become strained when trying to accomplish billing as well as serve growing populations.
The solution is to adopt a sophisticated claims management system specifically designed for public health that serves as a claims knowledge center, one that will automatically keep up with the constantly changing coding and claims regulations. Clinic staff can focus on what they do best, while utilizing an easy-to-use billing system that recoups revenues that are otherwise walking out of clinic doors every day.
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