Our core values were proposed and written by our team in 2014, with the goal of identifying what characteristics made us successful — and what will help us continue to be successful as our company grows.

Be accountable.

Own the outcome • take responsibility for your work, for your team’s work, your division’s work, and company results • continually seek to be measured and to hit your metrics.

Do what it takes.

Drive hard and run hard • be incredibly energetic • always have a positive, can-do attitude • go the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service • be determined to succeed • always put the client first.

Be collaborative.

Be the ultimate team player • always be willing and available to help • bring people together to solve problems • put the needs of others before your own • find ways to enable the success of your teammates.

Have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Be fearless • don’t wait for directions, take your own initiative • when you encounter a problem, go out and find the best solution • be willing to take risks • be passionate • seek to deliver intelligent, innovative, new solutions • know best practices and apply them to your work • be assertive and fight for your ideas • be direct and communicate clearly • find exciting new ways to drive success • thrive in an environment with a lack of formal structure.

Strive to be excellent.

Have an inquisitive mind • become an expert in your craft • always seek to improve yourself and everything you touch • be ambitious • don’t limit your thinking • embrace your mistakes and use them to continually improve yourself.


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