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"Our goal is to help local health departments continue their mission of providing community healthcare by sharing our knowledge and expertise."

Marciella Ardolino has over 13 years healthcare administration experience, with a focus on revenue cycle analysis and optimization. Having gotten her start in pediatrics, Marciella has continued to expand her specialty expertise to include Orthopedics, Cardiology, and Immunizations.

A former member of the AAPC, and certified coder, she is well versed in medical terminology and coding. Marciella has worked for payers of both private and governmental sources, allowing her the in-depth tribal knowledge necessary to maximize claim reimbursement. Previous experience includes project management for Medicare, private physician group billing manager, small and large group insurance sales, and third party claims processing.

Currently performing the role of Billing Specialist/SME for the Ohio Department of Health, Marciella has made great contributions related to the National Billables Initiative; including, gaining Universal Ancillary Contracts from national payers for all of Ohio, policy reform for State Medicaid VFC processing, individualized revenue assessments, as well as offering various teaching resources to local health departments. Having already earned an Associates of Arts, she is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Healthcare Management from Franklin University. Marciella is also a licensed Health/Life insurance agent in the State of Ohio.

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