irms|EM Emergency Management Solution Used in the Event of a Public Health Emergency

Downers Grove, IL – Upp Technology announced the selection of their irms|EM™ Emergency Management Software by the Vermont Department of Health to provide statewide distribution of emergency supplies, including H1N1 antivirals, personal protection equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies and equipment whether from the CDC's Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) or other inventory reserves.

In a first of its kind agreement, Upp Technology will provide complete Emergency Distribution Solutions and Services to the State of Vermont. With one of the highest Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) ratings in the country, Vermont's goal is to improve their inventory management capabilities and increase their operational efficiencies by partnering with Upp Technology practitioners in fast and accurate inventory handling, distribution and tracking for operational execution during emergency situations, as well as Points of Distribution (PODs) through the use of Upp Technology’s irms|GOKIT™ Mobile Logistics Platform.

The irms|GOKIT is a self-contained mobile logistics platform that can operate in a standalone environment without external connectivity. The ruggedized hardware unit is pre-configured, engineered to exact specifications and can be operational within 15 minutes of deployment.

“We can have boots on the ground within six hours, with a team stationed and ready in Vermont for immediate deployment if such a need were to arise,” said James Koutnik, Upp Technology Project Manager and Lead Trainer. “Vermont is not only unique in its readiness, but for its use of a customized version of our standard irms|GOKIT, a more robust version of Upp Technology’s irms|GOKIT that supports a fully functional rack server and twenty handheld devices.”

irms|EM will provide the ability to receive, stage, and distribute the SNS, Federal Managed inventories, and H1N1 vaccine and antivirals to the existing State POD network, in addition to managing the State's inventory and local stockpiles. Upp Technology's irms|EM solution will enable the State of Vermont to view and control a centralized, single-view, of all inventory levels, status, and location in real-time and also manage inventory replenishments to virtually eliminate stock outages.

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