I would encourage all in the preparedness/response/recovery arena to read this report. It is powerful in providing clear and do-able recommendations for governmental activity, especially at the federal level in acting to support and improve the resiliency at the local and regional level.

Upp Technology, Inc., in concert with Booz Allen Hamilton and selected other experts in the field preparedness and response, is a proud partner in the creation of the DomPrep Action Plan: Building Resilient Regions for a Secure and Resilient Nation. 
The Action Plan, produced by Domestic Preparedness, presents key findings from thought leaders in government, non-government, and private sector organizations concerning the resiliency of the United States. The report presents findings from six regional workshops conducted across the nation from throughout 2012 wherein preparedness practitioners discussed current resilience efforts and outstanding needs. 
This is a must-read report about the security and safety of this nation, providing powerful, clear and actionable recommendations for improving resiliency at the local and regional levels.


Key Findings from the Action Plan

Discover why this Action Plan is required reading for preparedness, response and recovery professionals everywhere by reading former Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, Dr. Vanderwagen's article The Future of Resilience: Regional Strength Fully Utilized.
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