Downers Grove, IL – Upp Technology, a leader in emergency preparedness and response technology solutions, recently took part in “Eagle’s Landing” disaster response exercises with the Salt Lake Valley Health Department (SLVHD). Having selected the irms|360™ Enterprise solution suite to manage the region’s emergency response supply chain and patient tracking, the SLVHD partnered with members of Upp Technology’s training team in exercises that involved both warehouse and patient management.

The exercise involved six hundred individuals over a three-hour period, participating in a head of household emergency response exercise. Parallel Points of Distribution (PODs) were established using the irms|EM™ Emergency Management system for POD as well as the irms|WM™ Warehouse Management system. At each POD, heads of households or neighborhoods were checked in, evaluated, and allocated goods to bring back to their households.

In Eagle’s Landing, a security perimeter was established around a local church, with volunteer participants then driving onto the lot to provide data while in queue. Using mobile handhelds, nurses and triage staff collected and analyzed data in real-time for interpretation, triage, mental health conditions, first aid, prophylaxis, and drug triage. The exercise also simulated the distribution and allocation of medical supplies to persons in need based upon the information gathered, handing out medication at the PODs before moving participants out of the exercise. Enterprise mobile devices provided maximum throughput and accuracy of data.

What participants received in this case were silver dollars meant to represent the necessary medical distributions to individuals in need of triage care or first aid. The PODs also provided pharmacists for potential drug-related questions and on-site security to ensure smooth traffic flow. All supplies from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to waste cans, Scotch tape, and paper towels were inventoried and monitored end-to end as they were utilized through the field-deployable irms|GOKIT™ Mobile Logistics platform.

"This exercise tested not only emergency management and warehouse management, but also a decrement system involved with the irms|WM, so that as goods were given out to patients, the inventory was able to keep track in real-time," said James Koutnik, Upp Technology Project Manager and Lead Trainer. “This truly proved to be an advantage, because we were able to manage data and inventory data side by side, knowing exactly who received what, and even as detailed as from which lot number the good was allocated."

Utilizing irms|EM for POD provides the SLVD with a patient management solution to quickly and efficiently manage registration, treatment, transfer and discharge of an unlimited number of patients in day-to-day operations and in temporary emergency facilities. As demonstrated in the Eagle’s Landing exercise, by systematically recording data associated with every patient, the solution enhances both the quantity and quality of patient services, including patient registration, triage, consultation, POD deployment and administration of life-saving drug products.

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