The Definitive Guide to Maximizing Reimbursements and Medical Billing Revenue

In an era of dwindling federal and state funding, health centers are tasked with protecting the health of their communities with less resources and less staff. To effectively continue providing essential services to their patients, local public health professionals must seize the opportunity to capture the highest reimbursements for services.

Upp developed a comprehensive, step-by-step process to implement sustainable billing programs.

For public health, community health, university health, home health and rural health clinics, new sources of sustainable revenue are directly linked to the continued health of communities. In our Revenue Cycle Playbook, we  provide a comprehensive, simplified plan for health providers to maximize billing revenue.

Our SMART Health Claims team approaches the implementation of managing public health revenue in the following essential steps:

  • Initial assessment

  • Insurance contracting

  • Policies & procedures

  • Fee  schedule

  • Billing and coding training

  • Workflow mapping

  • Claims processing

  • Reporting

  • Evaluation






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