Findings reveal health providers operate in a constant state of financial struggle

Upp Technology, a leading provider of healthcare revenue cycle management solutions, today announced the results of its nationwide survey of top public health professionals, revealing the foremost challenges they will face in 2016.

Findings from more than 212 public health agencies nationwide showed that they operate in a constant state of financial struggle, due to dwindling public health funding.

“For nearly a decade, local public health agencies have suffered the consequences of reductions in federal, state and local funding,” said Scott Upp. “In spite of their lack of resources, they continue to work on the frontlines of every major healthcare issue, including a surge of heroin overdoses, the decrease of immunizations, and new virus outbreaks on a daily basis. The weight of their responsibilities is enormous.”


Highlights from the survey include:

  • 47% of responses were related to the stark drop in funding, revealing concerns about an uncertain future
  • 26% of responses referred to struggles with current public health billing systems and processes
  • 17% of responses indicated that staffing cuts have strained their capacity, while unable to hire and retain qualified professionals
  • 17% of responses indicated it was a struggle to maintain operations under their current budgets
  • 10% of responses referred to challenges generating revenue to fill budget gaps, causing them to take revenue matters into their own hands.



Data from the survey was collected in 2015, analyzed, and organized into logical segments, providing a comprehensive understanding of the effects of dwindling public health resources. The report sheds light on additional challenging areas in public health, including administrative, accreditation, the Affordable Care Act, community, health services, and public outreach.

To access the survey results, download our special report.




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