Downers Grove, IL – In Public Health emergency situations, preparation, planning and execution are key to a successful outcome. Public Health departments train year round to minimize the effects that such events have on their constituents. Managing mass-scale emergency responses, such as those that require Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) deployments of 50 tons of supplies, requires the right cutting-edge technology with trained professionals ready to meet any crisis.

Upp Technology developed the irms|GOKIT™ Mobile Logistics Platform to manage and apportion the Center for Disease Control's SNS push pack inventory, as well as local cache and donated items. Whether officials must dispense food, water, antibiotics or medical supplies, the irms|GOKIT helps agencies organize relief resources from the point of procurement, through dispensing, and at all steps in between. The irms|GOKIT ensures resources are highly visible at all times, and can be efficiently dispensed where they are needed most. Deployable in less than 60 minutes, irms|GOKITs are designed to run in the best or worst of environments, and can be deployed in areas such as aircraft hangers, football fields, shopping malls, schools, post offices, etc. The mobility of the irms|GOKIT takes the tools necessary to treat the population, directly to the population itself.

The irms|GOKIT combines advanced mobile server-based technology with modern Wireless, Radio Frequency (RF) and RFID equipment, offering an easy, intelligent and secure operating environment. And with the ability to run connected to municipal or State networks, or simply run disconnected, the irms|GOKIT delivers the same secure processing to users in any situation. Providing the right cutting-edge technology, ready to meet any crisis, ensures that not only can government agencies quell public threats – they will be equipped with the tools to do so both efficiently and accurately.

Along with the irms|GOKIT comes Upp Technology’s full suite of handheld devices, ensuring not only speed and efficiency in terms of data management and input, but the ability to scan a variety of barcodes, from shipping materials to medication labels and even medical bracelets. With the irms|GOKIT’s range of handheld devices, Points of Distribution (PODs) are able to achieve the scalability necessary to handle any situation, while providing accurate and efficient data management.

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