In a dwindling funding environment, public health agencies are shifting their focus to new ways to capture revenue.

One way to increase revenue opportunities is to become a speciality network provider, or “credentialed,” with insurance payers. Private insurance companies use the credentialing process to obtain, verify, assess, and validate a health clinic to make sure they are a reputable facility and for liability purposes.

The Credentialing Process: Preparation is a Direct Route to Revenue

The process of registering as a specialty provider is a complex one for health departments, requiring an extensive time commitment. The payer approval process is often fraught with communication delays and unpredictable detours. To expedite the approval process for LHDs, we developed The Truth about Public Health Credentialing, a special report for public health professionals. In it, our experts provide useful, first-hand tips and insight, including  3 Things LHDs Must Know Before Starting the Credentialing Process, 3 Roadblocks for LHDs Registering as Speciality Network Providers, and The Essential Checklist for Credentialing Approval.

While public health professionals are already stretched for the time and resources to effectively serve their communities, taking the time to become credentialed is time well spent. With the right amount of organization and persistence, LHDs can begin billing immediately after approval and will realize dividends for a long time to come.

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