Completing the credentialing and contracting process allows public health agencies to maximize revenue and avoid leaving money on the table.

The Affordable Care Act is insuring more Americans, creating large new revenue streams for public health agencies in a low funding environment. To be reimbursed for services, health departments must complete the credentialing and contracting process, an action that leads to valuable in-network status with health insurance payers.

Being in-network with a health insurance company is the most secure way to receive maximum reimbursements for services provided, and to take advantage of ACA preventative health provisions. Without successfully completing this process, public health agencies risk leaving money on the table, as reimbursements for services can be delayed and, even, denied.

The Essential Guide to Contracting and Credentialing eBook presents step-by-step, how-to guidance for public health professionals to navigate the credentialing and contracting process, including the common roadblocks. Also, this guide will equip you with A Checklist of Everything You’ll Need to Become Credentialed, so you’ll spend less time searching for documents when they are needed.



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