Partnership streamlines billing process to provide citywide, sustainable public revenue

Upp Technology, a nationally recognized thought leader in healthcare billing technology, today announced a partnership with the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) to enhance billing capacity and create new revenue streams in city health centers and clinics. The CDPH will leverage the public health billing experience of Upp’s SMART Health Claims experts and solution to achieve citywide sustainable billing practices, maximize reimbursements and overcome budgetary challenges.

We’re proud to partner with the Chicago Department of Public Health to empower local health clinics to build annual, sustainable revenue,” said Aymsley Upp, SMART Health Claims Director. “With sustainable billing practices, the CDPH and healthcare clinics across the city can enhance and even expand services to their communities.”

The CDPH enlisted Upp to provide valuable SMART Health Claims guidance and expertise on all aspects of CDPH billables projects, including insurance contract negotiation strategy, data exchange, and business process flow, financial projections, and ongoing billing models. In addition to identifying and evaluating suitable billing models that leverage existing technology, Upp Technology’s public health billing consultants will provide the CDPH with a comprehensive evaluation of clinics and relevant programs to drive revenue enhancement.

The traditional model of relying on government funding isn’t a sustainable approach for healthcare providers anymore,” continued Upp. “We are disrupting this traditional cycle of funding by teaching providers how to finance their own efforts and along the way, add millions of dollars back into the healthcare system.”


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Upp Technology is a leading provider of medical billing cloud technology, third-party billing and consulting for health clinics. As a national thought leader in healthcare revenue cycle management, we help local public health departments, community 
health centers, and specialty healthcare providers build sustainable annual revenue through our SMART Health Claims solutions.

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