Upp Technology is a dedicated partner in the public health and healthcare sector nationwide; we span across 25 states, 100+ large counties, and 5,000 providers’ offices with 70 million Americans covered.

Our expertise in private insurance contracting and credentialing, revenue cycle consulting, robust billing systems, and specialized medical billing services has resulted in increased productivity and revenue for Public Health agencies of all shapes and sizes across the country.

Private Insurance Billing & Contracting

Public Health departments are facing changing landscape in 2013 with new ACA regulations. Changes in the industry lead to complex changes in managed care, HMOs, and Supplemental Plans. Additionally, we are expecting to see an increase in Medicaid enrollment.

Insurance Industry Expertise:

  • Contracting specialists can quickly secure contracts by leveraging existing relationships
  • Our consultants are experienced in negotiating public health provider contracts with public and private payers
  • Ensuring in-network status for maximum reimbursement potential and no out of pocket cost for immunizations
  • Increased efficiency in staff time and resources by letting our contracting experts manage the process from start to finish
  • Contracts may cover more than just immunizations, such as STD, TB, lead testing, family planning, and other preventative services

Claims Management

Health departments are typically faced with limited staff resources to manage the billing process which often leads to delayed reimbursement and reduction in revenues. It is also difficult and time consuming to track and follow up with submitted claims.

  • Real-time web based system and tools allow for faster processing, verification and reimbursement to reduce claim errors downstream
  • Flexible system allows for tailored use and increased visibility for staff

Understanding the Billing Process

In some cases, Health Departments don’t have staff or knowledge to develop a billing program. Complex payer regulations can hinder staff-hour efficiency, leading to double data entry, and inaccurate billing information.

  • Thorough clinic needs assessment and revenue analysis of billable services with outsourced billing options available, including policy and procedure development.
  • Onsite staff training, guidance, and billing support for a streamlined and effective billing program

Learn More

Learn more about local health department billing by visiting our Blog, downloading white papers and studies in our Resource Center or scheduling a Complimentary Billing & Operations Analysis.


The Public Health Revenue Cycle Management Playbook

This definitive guide provides an easy-to-understand game plan for creating and maintaining additional streams of revenue from public and private insurance reimbursements. You'll discover how to easily generate significant annual funding by taking advantage of new opportunities in the Affordable Care Act. 

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