Field-ready and standards-compliant, Upp Technology's consulting and software solutions give you the power to track first responders, drugs, medical supplies & equipment, and patients, providing emergency management personnel for the ultimate situational awareness and accountability.

Gain maximum agility in emergency mitigation, preparedness, readiness, and responsiveness.

From the Emergency Operations Center to first responders on the ground, Upp Technology's depth of consulting expertise and software solutions enhance capacity for disaster mitigation, preparedness, readiness and responsiveness. Day-to-day information management in the event of large-scale emergency, and in support of scenarios or exercises, achieve the highest possible emergency preparedness rating.

Through bioterrorism, earthquake, flood, fire, hurricane, and other disasters, we can help you manage receipt, staging, storage of the Strategic National Stockpile, as well as material handling and distribution of other stockpiles and donated supplies as issued to community sites and people.

Our software solutions provide real-time visibility through barcoding or RFID usage for automated data capture from product labels, licenses and IDs, and triage wristbands. Leverage your operational data for total Command & Control, maximum collaboration, up-to-the-moment situational awareness, and post-event analysis and reporting.

Speak with our emergency management experts today to learn more about how easy Upp Technology makes emergency management.

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