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State and Local Public Health Coordinators across the county have been committed to developing, exercising and improving response plans to chemical, biological, nuclear and natural events.  These plans continue to be updated and validated through exercise, evaluation and improvement.  With over 200+ public health clients, Upp Technology provides staffing, exercise planning, evaluations, project managers and staff augmentation to assist with your agencies preparedness initiatives.


  • Develop, coordinate, and conduct the statewide Public Health preparedness functional and modified-functional type exercises
  • Contract for the Integrated Statewide Exercise Program
  • Contract to plan, develop, facilitate, and evaluate pandemic influenza tabletop exercises
  • Evaluation of SNS response plans to include:
  1. Requesting medical materiel from the CDC's Strategic National Stockpile
  2. Timelines from requesting materiel to product on the ground ready for distribution
  3. Apportionment of scarce or limited supply medical materiel
  4. Distribution capabilities and tracking
  5. Delivery status from the State or Local receiving site to dispensing/vaccination locations
  6. Status of dispensing/vaccination site available medical materiel inventory
  7. Reporting status of patient/client prophylaxis and/or vaccination through completion
  8. Identify areas of duplication of response personnel and/or resources
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