An easy-to-use billing system can recoup revenues that are otherwise walking out your doors every day.

Remove Frustration with Simplified Claims Processing

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Maximizing health clinic staff time and training on what they do best.

Public health clinics must adopt a solution that not only generates income, but allows clinic staff to focus on providing community health services, maximizing their time and training on what they do best. By adopting an automated claims management system, clinics can generate revenue without increasing staff workload. Our claims management solutions eliminate the elements of the claims process that cause unnecessary complexity and frustration. The program can present an easy-to-use and automated system that incorporates an expert level knowledge of the claims process, while granting users visibility from initial filing to when they can expect revenue. Access sophisticated systems that provide the boost health departments need to help develop a significant and sustainable revenue source.

About HIPAA 5010/ICD-10

HIPAA 5010 is the newest standard for electronic transactions that went into effect January 01, 2012. It includes significant changes to accommodate shifts in business needs and the upcoming ICD-10 code transition.

Though compliance will not be fully enforced until 2014, virtually all entities that send or receive electronic transactions must be able to successfully submit at that time. Health departments that are paper billing or using outdated systems may find that claims are lacking information which is now utilized and will soon be required.

Evaluating options to become HIPAA 5010 compliant also provides the opportunity to adopt automated claims solutions to streamline the process for personnel.

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