Eliminate rejected and denied claims while maximizing revenue with real-time SMART™ Verification.

Eliminate Rejected Claims with SMART™ Verification

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Instantly verify patient insurance information with the SMART Health Suite.

A major challenge that clinics face daily is the large percentage of patients seeking treatment that do not have their insurance information available. When cards are forgotten, clinics often classify the patients as uninsured or risk submitting a claim based on a patient’s best guess. Our claims management solution is linked to major carrier databases and can search for a patient and retrieve complete demographic and insurance information for billing, with only a few pieces of identifying information.

Capturing all available opportunities by verifying a patient’s eligibility as they check-in or register is the optimum way to ensure reimbursement. Unfortunately, given all the other responsibilities of front office staff, eligibility is typically either not checked or checked on the back end during the claims submittal process.

By verifying that patient information being collected is up-to-date and genuine, providers can reduce the possibility of sending off claims that may be fraudulent. This will help maximize revenue and eliminate the hard work of resubmitting rejected claims.

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