CHCs and FQHCs play a vital role in our healthcare system, providing services to communities that would otherwise encounter financial, geographic, language, or cultural barriers to care.  

Reimbursement and Business Process for Community Health Centers

The result is providing high quality care while saving our health care systems billions of dollars.  Our full suite of consulting and technology solutions streamlines operations while improving financial performance, ensuring that Community, FQHC, Migrant, Homeless, and School Based Health Centers continue to provide effective and comprehensive care for their population. With dwindling grants and increasing regulation, sustainable financial health is more important than ever. Upp Technology uses a combination of

Patient and Provider Engagement

With ACA well underway, CHCs and FQHCs need to be fully prepared for a changing insurance environment, and more variability in patient coverage. A highly effective billing process is largely dependent on understanding patient benefits during registration and expediting Provider documentation and charge entry.

  • Onsite provider training can expedite charge entry on any IT platform, reducing A/R by 50%
  • Insurance enrollment and verification solutions (link to Smart Eligibility) maximizes revenue potential
  • Patient Services solutions increase engagement, volume, and quality of care

Workflow and A/R Management

Upp Technology’s experts work with Health Center executive staff on revenue cycle management, financial optimization, mandated reporting requirements, and third party reimbursement. Streamlined billing and processing operations can significantly improve workflows and cut A/R days. Our billing specialists and certified coders can identify potential gaps in revenue, quickly process clean claims, and conduct follow up on outstanding payments to improve cash flow.

  • Onsite performance and workflow evaluations to maximize staff and clinic resources
  • Expedited UDS, grant, and other government reporting
  • Claims Audit services to capture additional reimbursement from Medicaid, Medicare, ACA plans
  • ICD-10 Readiness and Mapping support sessions


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