Upp Technology’s SMART Health Claims billing technology, third-party billing services, and consulting services focus on the needs of campus health services, vaccine programs, and pharmacy programs.

We are a leading provider of medical billing cloud technology, third-party billing and consulting for health clinics. As a national thought leader in public health revenue cycle management, we help campus health clinics, local health departments, and community health centers maximize their revenue to offset funding cuts and cost increases.

Through our SMART Health Claims solutions, we help university and school health providers like yours improve their current billing programs—ultimately leading to significant increases in reimbursement rates despite rising healthcare costs.

Upp Technology’s SMART Health Claims helps Campus Health Services with:

  • Medical billing and collection

  • In-house or outsourced billing

  • Pharmacy reimbursement

  • Clinic workflow and billing technology assessment

  • Contracting, credentialing and re-credentialing

  • Reimbursement rate negotiation 

  • Immunization and insurance verification

Speak with our Campus Health Billing Experts today to learn how your organization can better support your community.


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