Submitted on Mon, 2016-02-29
By SMART Health Claims

Results from a nationwide survey of Local Health Departments and Community Health Centers funded by Upp Technology

Healthcare is within the top three - if not the first - issue of concern for most Americans in 2016.

Political discord and rhetoric about the Affordable Care Act at the federal level monopolize national media coverage, but in reality, the greatest challenges are found at the local level.

For nearly a decade, local public health agencies have suffered the consequences of reductions in federal, state and local government assistance. In spite of this, public health professionals work on the frontlines of every major healthcare issue, including the decrease in immunizations, the surge of heroin overdoses, and new virus outbreaks on a daily basis. The weight of their responsibilities is enormous.


Public Health Challenges: A Deeper Understanding

Upp Technology conducted a nationwide survey of top public health professionals in 2015 to better understand the top challenges local public health agencies face today.  An overwhelming number of responses from more than 212 public health agencies nationwide were analyzed and the data was organized the data into logical segments, resulting in meaningful conclusions.

Of the findings, our standout discovery was that public health agencies operate in a constant state of financial struggle. This report delves deeper into the effects of dwindling resources and sheds light on additional challenging areas in public health, including administrative, accreditation, the Affordable Care Act, community, health services, and public outreach.




The Essential Guide to Contracting & Credentialing

A step-by-step, how-to guide for public health professionals navigating the credentialing and contracting process.

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