Submitted on Wed, 2013-09-04
By Cecelia Jacobson

New study shows heart attack risk significantly lowered by flu vaccine

flu shots and heart attacks

Local health departments around the country can expect an influx of foot traffic this autumn because of an exciting study out of Australia. Research shows that getting a flu shot significantly lowers the risk of heart attacks. Once the news hits our shores, expect to see a big boost in flu shot patients this fall.

A study by the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia has discovered that the flu vaccination helps reduce heart attacks by 45%. The study was completed by monitoring more than 500 hospitalized patients in Australia, and potentially shows just how important flu shots are to the overall health of your community.

As a result of the research, the age range recommended to get the flu shot may be significantly widened. Currently in Australia, the flu vaccine is recommended to people over the age of 65. Given the study’s results though, the recommended age could soon be dropping to fifty years old and above.

More patients coming in for flu shots means more chances to bring in revenue for your department; especially since people looking for vaccines tend to be more insured than people looking for your other services. Be sure to promote the study in all your marketing to bring in more people. Implementing smarter billing practices to capture the extra revenue from flu shots could be the difference in a program or staff member not getting next year. Sign up for a free revenue performance evaluation to learn more.

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