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By SMART Health Claims

Learn valuable billing lessons and best practices collected from more than 100 counties nationwide.

The Essential How To Guide for Public Health Billing

The following collection of “How To” articles will help you build a successful billing program in your public health agency. Join us in our mission to add new, sustainable revenue to the public health community today.


Building a Successful Billing Program

Nearly every local health department in the country has been forced to lay off workers and reduce health programs due to funding cuts. Public health organizations are forced to ask how they will maintain existing services and plan for the future with steadily decreasing funding and limited resources.

The solution is simple. Local health departments and community health centers can create their own revenues, rather than rely on outside funding. Departments can do this by introducing a proven business practice into the public health environment. The process is called Public Health Billing and it includes the development of an infrastructure to bill public and private insurers for community services.

Effective billing programs can capture revenue from Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance that will not only alleviate funding issues, but will allow for staffing increases and an expansion of community health services.


This eBook features a collection of articles including:

  • How to Build the Perfect Public Health Billing Department
  • How to Improve Your Medical Billing Process
  • How to Start Billing with Limited Staff
  • How to Speak with Patients About Billing
  • How to Collect Out-of-Pocket Expenses from Patients
  • How to Eliminate Denied Claims
  • How to Submit Clean Claims
  • How to Get Started with Insurance Credentialing & Contracting
  • How to Approach Private Insurers about Contracting
  • How to Manage Private Stock Vaccines
  • How to Set Your Fee Schedule
  • How to Maximize Revenue with Your Fee Schedule


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