Submitted on Thu, 2013-09-19
By Nar Ramkissoon

Obamacare will have a number of positive impacts on local health departments.

obamacare and local health departments
The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it has become known; open enrollment period begins in just a couple weeks on October first. This should be a very exciting time for local health departments, as the Act will have a number of positive impacts. The Affordable Care Act opens up local health departments to new revenue streams and paths to save money on supplies.

The #1 Way Obamacare Helps Local Health Departments

The Prevention and Public Health Fund. The Affordable care Act has mandatory funding for local health departments written into it through the establishment of the Prevention and Public Health Fund. It is setup to fund any approved program by local health departments for prevention, wellness, and public health activities.

The #2 Way Obamacare Helps Local Health Departments

Cheaper Immunizations. States will be able to purchase adult vaccinations at a rate negotiated by the CDC. This will help drive down costs for a service that is now, as you will see a little bit later, billable by local health departments.

The #3 Way Obamacare Helps Local Health Departments

VFC Funding. The CDC will begin awarding grants to states for the Vaccines for Children program. The grants will be used to help get recommend vaccines to children, adolescents and adults when sufficient evidence exists.

The #4 Way Obamacare Helps Local Health Departments

Community Transformation Grants. State and local health departments and community-based organizations are eligible to receive Community Transformation Grants to help address chronic diseases.

The #5 Way Obamacare Helps Local Health Departments

New Revenue Streams. Preventative healthcare services will now be included in private health insurance plans. This means local health departments can bill for immunizations, opening up numerous new funding opportunities.
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