Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Expert, Mark Keeler, Partners with Upp Technology to Advance Adoption of Public Health Emergency Response Best Practices Nationwide

Mark Keeler Downers Grove, IL – Upp Technology, a leader in emergency management and patient management solutions, announced that it has elected Mark Keeler to the Advisory Board, a widely respected expert in Public Health Emergency Response. Mr. Keeler will apply his first-hand user experience to improve the effectiveness of Upp Technology’s irms|EM® Emergency Management system as well as provide strategic direction for creating a Common Operating Picture (COP) for public health response.

Mr. Keeler’s expertise includes wide-ranging knowledge and first-hand Emergency Management expertise including apportionment, tracking, distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical materials and lot controlled supplies.

“Mark has perhaps the foremost understanding of anyone in the country of how emergency supplies, vaccines and inventories are distributed from the SNS to First Responders,” said Josh Vierling, Vice President of Upp Technology’s Public Health Practice. “His expertise will drive innovative new product features, functions and usability that will increase transparency of emergency response, inventory distribution and medical dispensing to state leadership, first responders and the general public.

Having spent 36 years in public health, Keeler invested 14 years in the development and operations of the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) program in Ohio. Throughout his career in public health, he coordinated the medical materiel supply and responded to a wide range of public health emergencies. His background includes public health laboratory experience in vector control and testing, serology, and working in BSL 2 environments.  Keeler also managed t