Downers Grove, Ill. - Upp Technology, a leader in emergency preparedness
and response solutions, announced today that the Boston Public Health
Commission has selected the IRMS| 360 Enterprise™ solution suite to
receive, manage and distribute critical emergency supplies from the Strategic
National Stockpile.

The software suite, including IRMS|EM™ Emergency Management and
IRMS|WM™ Warehouse Management will provide the commission with a
comprehensive inventory management system with a centralized, single-view
to control inventory levels, status, and locations in real-time.

IRMS|EM provides the state with complete control of the receipt, staging
and mobilization of emergency countermeasures, pharmaceuticals, supplies
and equipment. The Web-based system allows state officials to immediately
locate and mobilize resources in an emergency event from an annual flu
season response to wildfires or earthquakes. The software provides a
verifiable audit trail as required by the U.S. government in the handling of
controlled substances such as vaccines and antivirals, and facilitates a timely
response in the event that local supplies require replenishment.